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People Working In These Jobs Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partner


Office Affair

Nowadays, our workplace usually involved a big hype of gossip, affairs of the heart and drama.

New Survey performed by Victoria Milan dating site (adult dating site, which usually used in order to cheat on one’s spouse), included over 10,000 women clients, and asked them to details about juicy adult adventures based on their own personal experience. That data gave a lot of insights of the most adulterous profession.

Not that it is a surprise to anyone (after watching the marvelous movie The Wolf of Wall Street), the top of our list starred with stock brokers and bankers.

In order, the top cheating professions are:

  1. Finance (analysts, bankers, brokers)
  2. Air (flight attendants, flight pursers, pilots)
  3. Medicine (nurses, doctors)
  4. Industry (managers, secretaries, CEOs)
  5. Sports instructors, representatives, athletes
  6. models, actors, musicians, photographers
  7. Nightlife Industry (dancers, waiters,DJs)
  8. Legal (secretaries, judges, lawyers, prosecutors)
  9. communicators, public relations, journalists
  10. Other sectors


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