Lake Of The Dead: Scientists Discover A Creepy Lake Under The Sea

Those Who Swim There Never Come Back Alive

Lake Of The Dead
Lake Of The Dead

In the Gulf of Mexico, scientists have discovered a deadly “lake”.
Everyone who dare enters this “lake” in the deep bottom of the sea will suffer a terrible pain.
A Professor of Biology, Erik Cordes of Temple University studied the “lake” and described his discovery in the magazine Oceanography.

“It was one of the most amazing discoveries of depth. You go deeper into the depth of the sea, and all of a sudden you’re looking at lake or river flowing. It made me  feel like I’m on a different Planet”, According to Cordes and his post in Discovery News.

It feels like you are on an alien world”

The salty water in the fatal “lake” beneath the sea are five times saltier from their surrounding water. It contains high concentrations of methane and hydrogen sulfide which makes it absolute  toxic that does not mix with the surrounding sea.

Sea creatures or any living complex organism that swim in it, will soon be affected by the deadly toxic compound – and it may result in death in just minutes! There are how ever species of shrimps, tube worms and bacteria which can survive this toxic environment.

This special environment is a new field for scientists to research. We hope it will shed some light on how unique life forms survive in harsh habitats.

“Some researches believe these harsh environments on Earth are reflections of conditions that we may encounter when visiting other planets.” Cordes said to “seeker”.


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